Safety Products for motorsport applications

A.C.E. manufacturers the following Safety Products for motorsport applications. The products have evolved following the development and use of key materials within previous A.C.E. military projects. A.C.E. has now adapted our materials and manufacturing processes in order to offer these products to the civilian market.

Energy Absorbing and Head Protections Systems

Custom head protection systems and made to order utilising EIS W50, SFI 45.2 approved foam, A.C.E. urethane and CarbonX fire resistant materials.

Driveline Protection

A.C.E. moulded driveline protection panels utilise the latest ballistic protection technology. The semi rigid panels are custom made to suit the host vehicle, therefore are smoother and neater, without straps and buckles and can double as floor panels and seats.

Heat Resistant and Reflective Covers

Whether covering your alloy race engine to retain heat between the warm up and race on a cold winters day, or covering your fuel tank to reflect the sun’s rays and keep your fuel as dense and consistent as possible, A.C.E. can tailor make a cover for you using our aluminised aramid (Kevlar) fabrics. The aluminised reflective layers reflects radiant heat, while the heat resistant lightweight aramid fabric provides insulation and wear and tear resistance.

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